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We're excited to offer in-person AND virtual visits, talks & workshops to audiences both young & young in heart! :)

Whether it's a book reading, art lesson or creative writing session for your elementary class, or an interactive "Co-operatives 101" for your staff team or community project, we'll be happy to work with you to create something to fit your group/event!

Speaking fees vary depending on the specifics of the request (i.e. type of session & length, audience size, complexity of workshop, etc.). Give us a shout and we'll figure something out that works for us all!

Check below for more info!


(virtual & in-person)



- Live book readings + Q&A

- Art/cartooning & creative writing lessons

-"Invention Conventions" & other 

   team-building/co-operation challenges

- Co-operatives 101 (for older youth)

- Co-operatives 101 workshops

- Interactive team & community-

   building sessions

- Uncorking creativity in the


We absolutely LOVE running our in-person & virtual sessions, and pride ourselves on ensuring that they're always fun, engaging, inspiring - and tailored to meet your specific group's needs!



For younger audiences (elementary ages), we offer interactive book readings and drawing workshops. Kiddos learn about creating characters & basic stories and always walk away with a resource in hand for at-home practice. 


Youths + Teens

For older youths, enjoying focusing on the writing and "world creation" process - diving into the deeper layers of creating captivating & meaningful content. (BUT, we still have a ball with the cartooning componant! ')


Whether it's an empowering & educational workshop on Co-operatives or teambuilding, a session on effective communication & collaborative creativity, or simply an art & creative writing seminar, we're happy to work with you develop and deliver something unique for your group!

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