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We're so glad you've found your way to our hidden little city! We Co-oppaws pride ourselves on being kind and welcoming to all - even to you funny-looking humans. ;)


So now that you're here, we're excited to share with you the lessons we've learned over generations that have helped to make Co-operNation such a wonderful place

to live!

Most importantly, we hope you'll carry some of these lessons and ideas back to your own homes, neighbourhoods & cities - and use them to help build a better world for all!

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Lessons like how to respect and appreciate everyone's differences and unique "tails". 

How if we're all a bit more curious and kind, caring and inclusive, we can solve all problems large and small!


And lessons like putting people and the planet first, and always thinking of ways to live our best "green" lives!


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There you go! A little sneak peek as to what you can expect when you arrive in Co-operNation!

Whether through the stories, lessons, or creative challenges, we sincerely hope something here pulls on a heartstring, stirs a little smile, and perhaps inspires you and yours to consider what you can be doing to make this world a little cooler and kinder...


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