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Come visit a town built
on kindness & collaboration.


Welcome, my friends, to...

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About Co-operNation

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Find out all about the Co-oppaws, their awesome little hidden city

&  unique "tails"!

Bring on the Books!

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Here's where you can learn more about and purchase all the story

& activity books!

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Activities & Resources

Check out our extensive selection of educational activities, lesson plans, downloads & free printables!

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Talks & Workshops

Click here for info about our fun & interactive in-person/virtual visits. Lessons, workshops, talks & more!

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About Co-operatives

Discover the best-kept secret

in community building & entrepreneurship: the co-op sector!

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Meet the Authors

Learn a little more about the creators of Co-operNation - and reach out with your questions!

Show-off your co-operative spirit

with these  Co-oppaw Collectibles!


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